Starting Your Cosmetology Business

December 8, 2017
By Mia

Doing other people’s makeup is fun. So fun in fact, that you went to school for it. As a licensed cosmetologist, you have the unique ability to bring out a woman’s natural beauty through the power of makeup. Supplies are expensive though. This is why you need to find a good wholesale beauty supply. Once you’ve found that, you just need to start your business.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you should work for free. You don’t call a plumber and ask them to fix your leaky faucet because they need the exposure. You can’t pay people with good reviews and word of mouth. You shouldn’t have to give your services for free either.

If someone wants their makeup done, they need to pay you for it. Find a photographer friend and do some collaboration for promotional materials. Go to a local college and find aspiring models. You can all work together to build portfolios. The model can get some great headshots, the photographer can try out new lighting and editing techniques, and you can showcase your cosmetic skills.  There is no need to give your skills away for free.

It’s important to utilize social media in marketing your business. The biggest reason is because it’s free. You can get followers on many platforms just by being engaging and showing quality work. Your friends can share your photos.  Hashtags will get you noticed across many different apps. Who knows, your business could even catch the eye of a big time Hollywood executive. It’s all about exposure, and the more you diversify your portfolio, the more apt you are to garner attention.

So get out there and put your skills to good use! Become the next big thing in the world of cosmetology. It’s all up to you.